Ego: Fight it or love it, it is there

Sometimes all that is needed is to take that leap

Sometimes all that is needed is to take that leap

I could start with a definition of ego. This is, however, ungainly and uninspiring. Ego means different things to different people. Yes, I could give a strict definition but I’d rather give insight into what ego can do for us, good and bad.

I am currently finishing off my first year at MetaVarsity College of Metaphysical Study. They teach that one of the three major karmic patterns is ego, the other two being relationships and finance. An imbalance in your ego, where ego is driven in terms of power, results in one of two ego states:

Extroverted ego: An excess of self love, abuse of personal power and manipulation.
Introverted ego: A lack of self love, denial of personal power and a low self esteem.

Although these guidelines are set by MetaVarsity as tools for an individuals personal growth, the first can be seen in most of the major corporations, government entities and banking systems of today. The second can be seen in the “lower ranks” of society, being you and I, the labourers who fund the above mentioned entities. Of course, not all of us are entrenched in this system so please bear with my generalisation.

When we believe we can’t change anything, we won’t. So the same can be said for believing that we are controlled. It is unfortunate that we are brought up to believe that money (paper and metal) has value, for this is just one system of control that we believe in unconditionally. I digress. We were speaking about the ego.

An ego that is in balance, for the individual, has numerous factors to it which are a life long… no, let’s not limit ourselves – a challenge to achieve and stay true to:
Love and accept self. When you love yourself acceptance comes naturally. Try it. Look in the mirror and say I love you. See what happens. Reflect on your natural reaction.
Acknowledge divine power. Divine power can be loosely defined as your god. No matter your religion or beliefs, each has a power linked to them that is universal. The power of belief.
Upliftment of self and others. Progress yourself toward your dream, your passion, in your working and personal life. When you give to someone, do you do it because it makes you feel good, because you will make them feel good, or because you feel it is right? Philosophical yes, but reflect anyway.
Respect for self and others. There is a saying, “Respect is given, not earned.” We are all human beings. Is that not enough reason to give respect to your fellow man?
Creative versus competitive. Instead of competing with one another, create something together. A simple yet extensive challenge to incorporate into our every day lives.
Empowered. When you feel empowered within yourself. That power should be shared in order to help others and yourself. True power comes from compassion to all.
Trust self. Trust that your decisions are the right ones, no matter the choices you make. Trust that you are in this moment to learn and grow. Trust is entwined with belief.

So do we fight or love our ego to balance it out? Neither. We recognise the patterns our ego has formed over our lifetime. Only then can we begin to change aspects of ourselves. Once we acknowledge what needs to be changed, we can then begin to form the compassionate ego, the everlasting ego, the powerful and joyous ego. The ego that is used as a guide and not considered good or bad.

These are not MetaVarsitys teachings. These are my interpretations on what I have learnt from the Introduction to Metaphysics course at MetaVarsity, Cape Town , South Africa.


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